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Problems to Possibilities (P2P) is a program that challenges students to think differently about entrepreneurship and change-making. 

Hosted by North Dakota State University Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business, P2P leverages systems-thinking and local networks to drive social, environmental, and economic progress.
Probe a problem.
Map its system.
Pitch your solution.
In teams of two to four, students will work with community partners to research, analyze, and map an issue facing our region. Teams will then pitch a solution and compete for a chance to win a sponsored trip to a national or international conference.

How it's different 
By grappling with the systemic forces that often stifle progress, P2P takes a learning-first approach to change-making.

Participants will consider the broader context of their selected social, environmental, and economic problems. They will learn about existing solutions before developing something new, ensuring that their solution is viable, valuable, and unique.

Why it matters
Students will learn transferable critical thinking skills and an opportunity to create positive change while Community Partners will get a deep analysis and fresh perspective into the challenges they work tirelessly to address.
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How it works

Apply to be a

Each team will have a Team Student Leader. The P2P Team Leadership experience is a two semester commitment beginning in October.

All selected Team Leaders are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship and have an opportunity to receive an all-expense paid trip to a national or global conference.

Applications are closed for 2023-2024 P2P. Please check back next year!

Join as a 
Group or Student Organization

Students may join P2P as an already-established group or student organization. Teams must have at least two and no more than four members. 

All participants may apply for a $1,000 scholarship. Teams will have an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to a national or global conference. 

Registration for groups is closed for 2023-2024. Please check back next year!

Sign up as a 

Students may join P2P as a team participant.

All participants may apply for a $1,000 scholarship and an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to a national or global conference.

Registration is due Jan. 15, 2024.

Sign Up
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Community Partners are P2P's guiding stars.
Community Partners are invited to submit a social, environmental, or economic challenge they would like a P2P team to address. If their challenge is selected, Community Partners provide insight and support as their team develops their project scope, solution landscape, and competition pitch. 
Why we need you
Students are an underutilized source of talent. P2P aims to cultivate and showcase this talent in a relevant and meaningful way to our local community. Our world has wicked problems, but P2P believes that change starts here. You can be the source and catalyst for this change.

What's in it for you
  • An exceptional group of students might uncover a new way to advance your organization's efforts. 
  • You're invited to participate in P2P workshops led by career professionals covering topics like leadership, project management, and systems thinking. 
  • Increase your organization's visibility and share your mission with the community and potential funders.
Community Partners




Community Partners Submit Problems



Nov. 7

Student Leader Workshop #1


Dec. 5

  • Student Leader Workshop #3

  • Problems & Community Partner Selection


Sept. 15

Student Leader Applications Due

Sept - Oct

Student Leader Interviews, Selection


Oct. 10

Student Leader Workshop #1


Jan. 16

All Team Workshop #1


Feb. 13

All Team Workshop #2


March 12

All Team Workshop #3


April 16

P2P Showcase


Map the System & Fowler Competition

Dates TBD

Past Project Samples

Water is life.jpg

Water is Life

In 2022, an NDSU team explored the challenge of water access on the Navajo Nation. They won 2nd place out of over 950 teams worldwide at the Map the System global competition in Oxford, England.
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